Block Ko-Op

Transforming Urban Deserts into Urban Farms, One City Block at a Time

How can we maintain food deserts where the soil is fertile?  Every street in Chicago has a parkway, has land, and if I can grow fresh organic veggies, anyone can!  So began the idea of the Block Ko-Op. Block by block, we can transform food deserts to urban farmlands using the parkway.  The idea is each block operates like a co-op, with each household focusing on one vegetable.  Neighbors will share their yields, build deeper connections within their community, and transform city parkways into vegetable gardens. 

The Block Ko-Op will provide neighborhood participants with knowledge and know-how through mentorship and supplies to assist with this transformation.  Imagine a block with veggies in front of every home, with neighbors picking free veggies for meals that day.  That is the Block Ko-Op.  This can happen in any city.  No, in EVERY city!  Help us support our non-profit at

Jon Garden 2.jpeg
Jon Garden 3.jpeg