• Christopher Bradley

KowBees Partners with Block Ko-Op

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

On August 1, 2019, KowBees began its partnership with Block Ko-Op, a non profit organization located in Chicago, IL. The mission of The Block Ko-Op is to transform each city parkway into a block by block co-op with each household focusing on one vegetable. The idea is neighbors will share their yields, talk to each other, and transforming urban deserts (city parkways) into vegetable gardens.

The Block Ko-Op will provide the knowledge and know how through mentorship and supplies to assist with this transformation. Imagine a block with veggies in front of every home, with neighbors picking veggies for meals that day. That is the Block Ko-Op. This can happen in any city. No, in EVERY city!

All sale proceeds from KowBees honey and t-shirt will go to fund the Block Ko-Op organization.

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