Sweetness for Good

Always LocaL

Selling honey to fund urban gardens.


Local honey, local food, local change.  
Sell the sweetest and most delicious locally made honey to fund parkway farms in urban food deserts!   

The KowBees Honey mission is “Always Local.”  We work with local beekeepers to harvest micro-local honey.  See the labels!  100% of our profits support the Block Ko-Op, a local initiative we started to transform urban deserts into urban farms, one city block at a time (www.blockcoop.com). In buying our honey, you are supporting this transformation.  

about the Honey

Most importantly, it's always local! KowBees honey is from local beekeepers who maintain natural practices.  We have many suppliers as much of our honey comes from amateur apiarists (the fancy word for beekeepers).  These folks are passionate about the environment, our food sources, and our community.  Put another way, they embody the KowBees mission. Our honey is local to Chicago, raw, unheated and chemical free.  

what is a kowBee?

I have always imaged a cowboy, or a kowboy or kowperson, as a trailblazer who seeks a path to protect the herd and live in harmony with the land.  This is also what our version of a KowBee is…  a trailblazer, a bee for change.  We all can be a KowBee keeper, someone that gets buzzed from improving the lives of those around us. 

Our KowBees work hard, making honey to support the conversion of urban deserts to urban farms.  They might even be pollinating the farms they are helping to fund!   In buying our honey, you, too, are a KowBee keeper.

My story

One day I looked at my neighborhood parkway (the area between the sidewalk and the street) and thought that it could be more than just another flower garden.  I was motivated to make use of it.  I became inspired to make the parkway into a working, sustainable, and highly productive organic garden… a farm.  After mentoring and rounds of trial and error, I now grow spring, summer, and fall organic vegetables. Today, the farm’s yield feeds not only my family but also many of my neighbors who I  encourage to help themselves. 

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